Yes, Sensei

by The Chopstick Flytraps

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Yes, Sensei: A Historically Accurate Rock Re-Telling inspired by the 1st Karate Kid Movie.

Watch our 1st live performance from March 2012 here:


released April 9, 2012

Guitar: Mary
Drums: The Judge
Bass: Shayna



all rights reserved


The Chopstick Flytraps New York, New York

The Chopstick Flytraps are three ladies who decided to make some music together. So far it's worked out pretty great.

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Track Name: Meet Mr. Miyagi
He’s with his Bonsai trees
In his little bitty room
The flies buzz around
and evade his chopsticks

He’s got the Lotus Headband
A lot full of classic cars
If you beat on Daniel
He’ll be sure to kick yer arse

Meet Mr. Miyagi -- Hai! Hai!
Meet Mr. Miyagi -- Afta! afta!

He’s a war hero
Lost a wife and kid
Got more karate in his body
Than Seagal ever did

He’s calm and serene
Unless you drink on his car
He’ll chop your beer bottle
Faster than you can say O-ki-nawa

Meet Mr. Miyagi--Hai! Hai!
Meet Mr. Miyagi--Afta! afta!

Here comes Mr. Miyagi
Hai! Hai!
Here comes Mr. Miyagi
Afta! afta!
Fix the faucet Mr. Miyagi
Hai! Hai!
We need you Mr. Miyagi
Afta! Afta!
Track Name: Bad Boyfriend
He’s a tall blonde boy with big blue eyes
Best fighter of the Cobra Kai
Girls see confidence when he condescends
She’s landed herself a bad boyfriend

Throws down your boombox on the beach
Emotionally he’s out of reach
Against his daddy’s wrath he must defend
Daddy made him a bad boyfriend.

Mommy approved of all he did
Thought she’d raised a good kid
But Johnny fell out of control
[Pause] She didn’t know

Now that Johnny’s in high school, he’ll take it out on you
when he’s bored with the view -- He’s a monster now
The crimes he’ll commit, in his skeleton outfit
It doesn’t take much wit -- He’s got henchmen now
He’ll mess with your head, leave you for dead,
run you off the road, leave you in the cold,
He’s a California dream with no self esteem
He’s a bully - woolly bully!!!!!!!!

You make excuses but in the end.
Johnny is nothing but a bad boyfriend
Track Name: Boy From Reseda
Boy from Reseda
Let’s go, let’s go
Come cross the tracks
You move too slow
Boy from Reseda
Let’s go, let’s go.

I’ve been patient
More than once
been pretty blatant
You keep talking social woes
How much longer should I wait
I’m ready to rec-re-ate.

Boy from Reseda
Hello, hello
Golf & Stuff
Let’s go, let’s go!
Boy from Reseda
Let's go, let's go!

Don’t pretend
You’re not aware
You’ve run your hands
Through my blond hair
How much longer should I wait
Your turn to re-cip-ro-cate

Boy from Reseda
We’ve plateau plateaued
I’ve made it clear
Why can’t you be bold
Boy from Reseda
Let’s go, let’s go!

Getting tired
Of these games
Starting to think that
You might be lame
Your soccer moves may be great
One last chance and I
I in-it-ia-te!

Girls from the Hills
Like to take Control
Shift into 2nd
Score a goal!
Boy from Reseda
Let’s go, let’s go!
Track Name: Crane Kick
Am I going to make it?
Do you think I could win?
Could I stand the slightest chance
Surviving in that ring?

I’m so small and scrawny
They’re so big and brave
Their karate shows no mercy
Will this mat become my grave?

Gotta look ‘em in the eye
Gotta breathe through the pain
Gotta learn to fly
Gonna become the crane

If I lose my stance
Gonna use my wings
Gonna take a chance
Crane kick to win.

FIghting is the final answer
But now that bell has been wrung.
Do I get beaten down again
Or can I overcome?

I can become the person
I always wanted to be,
If I take a stand
And believe in me.